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Salsa Cubana Suelta

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Want to improve your Salsa timing/rhythm skills?
Looking for a fun way to improve your fitness and add steps on your Fit Bit?

Born in the streets and homes of Latino barrios (neighborhoods), Salsa Suelta is the “freestyle” Salsa footwork dancing done at Latin dance venues worldwide. Focusing on Cuban Salsa and other forms of Cuban Popular Dance, each class will teach the basics, progressing into intermediate and advanced dance patterns that not only provides fun, low-impact cardio exercise but also prepares you to dance Salsa anywhere…at any time!

Class Prices

SALSAtlanta offers group, private and semi-private lessons.
Private classes are by appointment only and each session is 45 minutes.
Semi-private lessons are private classes for small groups or people.

Classes in Athens



Cuban style Salsa dance classes at Little Kings Shuffle Club Every Wednesday 6:30-8:30PM

* $10.00

• Intermediate: 6:30-7:30
• Beginners 7:30-8:30.

SALSAthens and SALSAtlanta classes and performance groups were formed in 1999 by Julián Mejía. Julián studied Rueda de Casino in Miami and after moving to Atlanta formed the foremost Casino school in the Atlanta area.

SALSAthens is currently being taught by Gwyneth Moody, who instructed under Julián from 2004-2006 in Athens, GA. She then went on to form her own Salsa classes and performance group called the Seaside Salseros in St. Simons Island, GA from 2007-2009.

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Our Sunday class is structured in 9 different levels, from beginners to masters. Each level is lead by a trained instructor, and each instructor prepares the students to master each level. Once the students learn each moves on each level, they are promoted to the next one.