BAILAtlanta Workshop Schedule

Workshops will start prompt at 11:00 AM. Dress comfortable and be ready to sweat. Bring a towel and extra shirt(s). Snacks and bottle of water is also a good idea.

Lunch by South 2 South Arepa Fusion

There will be a Lunch Break at 1:15 PM, and South 2 South - Arepa Fusion will be selling amazing Venezuelan arepas. Cash and credit cards accepted.

There will be a break of 15 minutes between each workshops

Beginners 4 hr Bootcamp

We have added a Beginners Track, so if you are on this page and you have never dance salsa or you are a beginner and are wandering if the level is for you, we suggest you to register on the Beginners Track. It includes 4hr Bootcamp and all parties. Click here for more info.

Private Classes

Instructors are available for private lessons during the weekend.

Rates are per hr
One person: $70
Couple: $100
2 couples: $140
more than 5 people: $160

Please call 404.955.8289 for more information

BAILAtlanta 2017 Schedule