Bachata 6 weeks - New Date

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BACHATA: A NEW Series Class with Bhaal and Kathleen

A new 6 weeks (1 hr) class starts Sunday March 26th through April 30th, 2017.

Time: Sundays 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Level: Comprehensive from the basics.
No partner required.
Cost: $90

Individual class available $18 each hour

The original Bachata dance style comes from the Dominican Republic where the music also was born. The early slow style in the fifties from where everything started was danced only closed, like the Bolero. The Bachata Basic Steps moving within a small square (side, side, forward and side, side, back) are also inspired from the Bolero but danced slightly different in Bachata and danced with syncopation (steps in between the beats) depending on the dancer's mood and the character of the music. The hand placement will vary with the dancers position which can be very close to semi-close to open.

Bachata Session 1 - March 26

We will start off with quick introduction to Bachata and its fundamentals. We will do some basic footwork and simple patterns. We will learn about some “do’s” and “don’ts” of Bachata. The key will be to “learn to walk and turn”.

Bachata Session 2 - April 2

We will start with about 10 mins of footwork and then move on to intermediate footwork. Double steps, triple steps and delayed steps. We will learn body isolation which combined with footwork can be incorporated into dancing of any level. Though this class may seem like a beginner one, we will learn things that will make your dancing of any level look great.

Bachata Session 3 - April 9

We will start off with an intermediate pattern which will include smooth footwork and body movements. The pattern will be of intermediate/advanced kind. This will be the time; we will be introduced to ‘dancing with the flow of the music’. By the end of this session, you not only will have learnt a pattern but also some nice footwork and good body movements

Bachata Session 4 - April 16

We will move into how we can be creative while dancing so that we can come up with our own moves and patterns. We will learn how to do the same move but with different flavors. By the end, you will have learnt multiple patterns with multiple flavors .

Bachata Session 5 - April 23

We will start off with an advanced footwork and advanced body movements. We will then soon begin a new pattern. We will learn the concept of ‘pause/break’. We will learn various types of dips (and some safety tips!) and rotations.

Bachata Session 6 - April 30

We will learn an advanced pattern with multiple styling components. We will learn how to connect with your partner and the music at the same time in this fun class This class will teach you how to make your dancing sensual with simple tweaks to your dancing. We will also introduce some tango movements into Bachata (Bachatango!).